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Frequently asked questions

Are you able to work with injury and post-surgery?

We specialised precisely in serving people like you. Our different approach allows you to safely build back the ability and confidence to move better setting you up to recover to a more resilient body.

If I’m working with a Physio/Doctor can I still train with you?

If you had clearance to exercise and a diagnosis most times we can make a quite significant impact on your recovery, we will be very honest with you if otherwise. Our work is complementar to the one done with the physio and we highly recommend this cooperation

What's your cancelation policy?

A strict 24h notice is required if you have to cancel your appointment.

What is skill development and what's that for?

This is our strategy to get you much better at the movements that are relevant to you. We use a groups of exercises (clusters) specific to increase the options and smoothness of your movements

Can you help in chronic pain?

Once you've been assessed by a specialist doctor and cleared to start moving there is a great deal you can do to improve how you feel and move. We are updated into the latest advances in the understanding of pain and will be able to design a journey to make it a lot smaller hurdle in your life.

Keep the questions coming! We're here to help with whatever we can for your trip. 


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