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Women Leading Outdoors

The outdoors can inspire you in ways you may have never experienced before. So, what makes a leader? And how do outdoor leaders bring these experiences to life for their groups? Focusing on our Five Key Elements of Leadership, we decided to put leadership under the microscope in our latest series.

We've been sitting down (virtually) with some brilliant women to explore their journeys into becoming leaders and what they've learnt over the years, and you can now learn what makes these leaders tick.

How do you help clients get the most of their outdoor adventures? You can learn what drives these leaders through tough times, how they motivate their teams and navigate tough conversations. This series will provide you with a unique insight into our leadership academy, and some invaluable advice from leaders at the forefront of their field, so don't miss out.

Expect to gain an unmissable insight into our Leadership Academy here at Mountain Mindset, some amazing leaders and their businesses.

Stay tuned for the first instalment and to learn more about these unique outdoor leaders...

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