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The Mountain Mindset Medical Leadership Academy brings together the leadership qualities of medicine, military, mountain guides, and business leaders to create a dedicated medical leadership framework.


This framework is underpinned by five principles of leading from the front; care to lead; conflict management; team resilience; and celebrating success.


Each principle is supported by specific leadership qualities which the medical leader should aspire to.


Application of this framework by medical leaders will help them to lead a positive team focused on improving patient care whilst preparing for their next leadership role within the medical profession.

Our leadership courses are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.


This course is aimed primarily at consultants, GPs and associate specialist grade doctors as well as senior leaders in nursing and AHP fields. Aspiring consultants / GPs should also consider this course as a route to improved leadership capability and development. 

Our overall learning objective is to enhance medical leadership capability to enable leaders to better manage their team and therefore provide improved patient care.


Each activity day has its own learning outcomes.


Our faculty come from a varied background of leadership including global medicine settings including medical education and leadership, UK FTSE100, and the British Army. 

Our course takes delegates away from the traditional, stuffy classroom approach to training and instead we explore the French Alps, Snowdonia / Eryri National Park, or South Africa’s Table Mountain region.


We use outdoor activities specifically designed to explore the principles and qualities of the Mountain Mindset medical leadership framework, including hiking, surfing (SA only), rafting and climbing. No previous delegate experience of these activities is required.


Our activity days have challenging scenarios built in to test the individual and explore delegates' strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.


Scenarios used to explore our leadership framework include examples such as leading an avalanche search and rescue team, showing moral courage by intervening in an unsafe event in the mountains, and emulating a mountain guide. Details of the scenarios, learning objectives and outcomes can be found in the description of our activity days.


Medical Leadership Academy Mountain Mindset
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Our Chamonix-based course runs in both summer and winter with activities planned to suit the weather conditions: in summer it's hiking and rock climbing; in winter we strap on snowshoes or grab our ice axes for some easy ice climbing.

Our accommodation in the Alps takes the form of a traditional, private French chalet, hotel or auberge utilising communal facilities dedicated to the course. Depending on the dates chosen some highlights of the accommodation are:

Private bedrooms with the option of en-suite or shared bathroom facilities


Communal eating facilities to bring the team together each night


Beautiful mountain views


Day 1 - Guided scrambling and climbing to practice the principle of leading from the front.


Day 2 - A guided mountain walk to reflect on examples of great and not so great leadership.


Day 3 - Self-reflection and personal coaching session, followed by paragliding.


Day 4 - Scenario-based hike into the remote mountains for practical leadership experiences with our dedicated roleplayers.

Day 5 - Celebrating your success with white-water rafting.

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