Corporate Team Building MOUNTAIN MINDSET

Adventure awaits


We offer three different packages of private guiding which focus on hill walking, trail running or skills development.


So, whether you are preparing for a trekking holiday, want to run a race route in advance of the big day, or simply want to improve your skills in the mountains then get in touch.



If you are planning a big trip to the mountains or simply want someone to show you around the mountain ranges of the UK we can design a specific package for your needs. 

Our alpine prep weekends are a great way to prepare for a high altitude hiking trip to international alpine regions across the world.


We use routes that will simulate the environments you are likely to be in, taking time to help you choose the right kit and to introduce you to the navigation aids of that region such as mapping and guidebooks.



As keen trail runners, we love to share our experiences of running various trail races from across the UK and abroad. 

If you have a particular race route that you would like to recce then get in touch and let us take the hassle out of the navigation and support for you.


We can arrange multi-day slow-time hikes of a race route, a route recce over a number of days, or we can provide guides to pace you across the mountains. 

Our lead guide is a UTMB finisher with plenty of experience in running on various technical and mountainous terrain.



If you are keen to improve your skills in the mountains of the UK or want to become more confident in navigation and route finding in all weathers then we can teach and mentor you in the skills you need to become autonomous and safe on the mountains. 

The key skills we cover are:

Map reading and the use of a compass

Route selection

Kit and equipment 

Basic emergency procedures 

Wild and valley camping

Introduction to the mountain environment