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Alpine Trek Training Weekends

Our training weekends are designed to help you explore the mountains safely and give you the skills necessary to be more independent when trekking in the UK or overseas. They are suitable for beginners or for those just wanting to refresh their skills and knowledge of the mountains before a big trip. Similarly, seasoned trekkers will benefit from the training associated with long days on the mountains.

Our alpine hike training weekends are based in the Snowdonia national park and offer the hiker the opportunity to experience routes and effort expected in the alpine environment. Each day consists of a reasonably long, quality mountain day, tailored to the capability of the group. Our guides and leaders focus on:

  • Efficient hiking

  • Navigation

  • Decision making in bad weather

  • Moving on steep ground

  • Use of trekking poles

  • Basic emergency management

Upcoming Events

Our weekends start with a meeting at the Moel Siabod Cafe just down the road from Capel Curig, where we discuss the detailed plan for the two days, check everyone has the kit they need and cover the key safety and weather conditions for the weekend. All of this is done in a relaxed warm atmosphere over a cup of tea and breakfast if you want it.


The outline schedule for the weekends is as follows:



Saturday - Mountain Day

After a briefing from your guide in the Siabod Cafe, you will head out into the mountains on a route that is designed to simulate an alpine day.


Saturday evening

Your guide will talk through the different types of maps used in the Alps and will advise on the kit and equipment needed for your trip. 


Sunday - Mountain Day

A similar type of day to the previous but there will be more emphasis on how to move safely on steep ground. 


Throughout the weekend we will try to summit two different mountains depending on the weather. Objectives may include Snowdon and Tryfan but this will depend on the weather and mountain conditions.


The following is included in our Alpine Hike Training Weekends

  • Two full mountain days on routes similar to those found in the Alps.

  • Instruction on the following:

    • How to hike efficiently

    • Basic navigation skills

    • Decision making in bad weather

    • Moving safely on steep ground

    • The use of trekking poles

    • Basic emergency management

  • Advice on equipment needed for multi-day hikes in the Alps

  • Advice on packing for trekking

  • We will also discuss the types of maps and way markers that are likely to be seen in the Alps


The following is not included:

  • Accommodation. There are lots of accommodation options across the Snowdonia National Park from sleepy campsites on small farms, basic but comfortable hostels and lodges to boutique B&Bs.

  • Travel to and from the event.

  • Any food or drink during the event.


Note: Group sizes for this trip are 4 (min) - 10 (max) people.

Once booking is confirmed we will email you with a complete course joining instruction providing you with all the details of your event such as where and when to meet, a packing list, and recommendations for accommodation and eating. You will also receive a voucher for 15% off Cotswold Outdoor, Snow and Rock, Runners Need and the Cycle Surgery.


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