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Fusiliers vs Suicide 

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We are delighted to be supporting the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and their veterans with their battle against suicide. 

We'll be hosting a weekend in the mountains for veterans and serving soldiers alike to discuss the threat from suicide and to help those most vulnerable to this issue. 

We will use the time to discuss the fusilier mantra of 'Once a Fusilier, Always a Fusilier' and how it applies to the threat of suicide.


Places are on a first to apply basis. If you are a Fusilier or Fusilier veteran or you know someone from the Fusilier family who will benefit from this event please message us or Paul Taylor directly.

Image by Colin Gronow


OPEN – direct and open talk about suicide is the key to prevention. Also those wanting to help must have an open mind, and an open heart as suicidal thoughts are understandable, complex and personal.  Once a person has identified ‘combat indicators’ of suicide they should ask directly and openly about suicide e.g. “I’ve noticed…and I’m just wondering – are you thinking about suicide?”


AUTHENTIC – a person trying to save someone from suicide must be seen to be themselves, and to be genuinely compassionate and caring. It is the ‘congruence’ that talking therapists (counsellors) are trained in.  The suicidal person must be able to trust the person engaging with them. No masks, no pretence, no facades, no ‘bullshit’.


FRIENDSHIP – Relationships are the context of suicidal intervention. The suicidal person must know that they are important, that their thoughts and feelings are being taken seriously without judgement, and that they ‘belong’ without conditions.  Helping a suicidal person relies upon trustworthy relationships, based on friendship.


ACCEPTING – the suicidal person must be treated with ‘unconditional positive regard’ and acceptance. They are likely to have already been burdened with judgement and shame, with the feeling that ‘people would be better off without me.’ Acceptance means empowering people to be truly themselves, by listening to the reasons why suicide has come into their lives without any disapproval or correction or attempts to advise. Simply accepting their truth, and accepting them as they are.


ALTOGETHER – this is about ’empathy’ and sharing in the suicidal person’s feelings and pain. It is about being with them in the darkness of hopelessness, and despair. Putting ourselves ‘in their shoes’.  It is letting them know that ‘we can’t take a risk on losing you’, because we are all in this together, in a unique family created and forged by military experiences.  It is also about the person knowing that they are not suffering suicidal thoughts in isolation.  Being isolated with suicidal thoughts is the biggest risk factor.


FUSILIERS – this is about cooperation and collaboration in the mission to defeat the enemy of suicide.  The helper and the person at risk must work together to prevent suicide, ensuring that the suicidal person has ownership and control, and is empowered to take responsibility for their own life. You can do this, you will get through this – OAFAAF – Once a Fusilier, Always a Fusilier.

Dates - Sat 5th and Sunday 6th June


Location - Meet at the carpark just down the road from Storey Arms at the Mile Stone Gr - 978204

Saturday 5th June 2021

A steady day of hiking a circular route over Pen-y-Fan to return to the cars ready to carry our camping equipment to the overnight, wild camp. 

Throughout the day we will be using the Find, Fix, Strike, Exploit approach to work out how we identify the combat indicators of suicide, talk to one another about it, listen to each other without judgement and help keep each other safe through reinforcing belonging and self-worth.  

The evening's camp will be at a wild location where we can talk openly as a group or as individuals or just stare at the Hexi-TV. 

Sunday 6th June 2021

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, our second day will be a similar relaxed hike around Fan Fawr and Fan Lila taking time to reflect on how we can reach out to our fellow Fusiliers who are vulnerable and how we can encourage them to join us on our next event. We'll take time to listen to each other and to share. 

We'll be back at the carpark no later than 16:00 for onward departures home. 

A full set of joining instructions will be sent to attendees which will cover all the details needed to attend this event. 

If you are struggling to find the right kit and equipment, don't let that put you off attending this trip. We will be able to help find you some kit from fellow attendees or from our own pool.

If you are a serving Fusilier, veteran Fusilier or part of the wider Fusilier family and would like to attend this event, or know someone who would benefit, please message us by clicking the button below.


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